Solway Investment Group expresses their appreciation to the Salzburg Festival

Solway Investment Group would like to express its sincere appreciation to each and every person who made it possible for us to become a part of the world’s most outstanding cultural event.

This year Solway joined the list of the honored Festival’s Swiss supporters and became the sponsor of Mozart’s opera production “La Clemenza di Tito” directed by Peter Sellars and conducted by Teodor Currentzis.

Solway entered into partnership with the legendary Salzburg Festival in its first season, under the artistic direction of Markus Hinterhäuser. Markus’s passion for art, combined with his curious spirit and sharp wit appealed to the company’s appetite for innovation and change; while the Festival’s ability to adapt to the demands of modern times and yet still deliver traditional high quality results resonates with the Company’s focus on business sustainability.

“It is the organizers’ passion and dedication to perpetuating the mission of the Salzburg Festival that keeps the spirit of participants, creators, guests and sponsors alive and thriving. It is that same passion that influenced our decision to join the list of the Festival’s sponsors, brought us enormous satisfaction as art supporters and success as talented youth developers,” said Dan Bronstein, CEO of Solway Investment Group, while commenting on the company’s decision to enter this adventurous journey into the World of Opera.

Solway Investment Group is happy to note that the modern retelling of Mozart’s “La Clemenza di Tito” by Peter Sellers and Teodor Currentzis became one of the highlights of the Festival and generated the following discussion in the media: “… (La Clemenza di Tito) sets out to answer the questions ‘How can we live together in times of conflict?’ and ‘How can we offer a healing gesture in times full of anger?’ ”

In response to this discussion Solway would like to highlight that it sees its commitment to developing the new generation and widening young talents’ access to the international art scene as a type of healing gesture, an indicator of business sustainability any healthy enterprise has to think about.

Once again we would like to thank the President of the Salzburg Festival, Dr. Helga Rabl-Stadler, the Salzburg Foundation of the American Austrian Foundation (AAF) and the Vienna Philharmonic for their support and assistance in organizing the Solway Music Fellowship program for talented young performers from economically challenged areas where the Company operates. With their help 6 young talents from Macedonia, Guatemala and Ukraine had a chance to participate in the international music camp that took place in Schloss Arenberg during the week of August 5 – 11. Under the professional supervision of the team of dramaturges, stage directors, choreographers, musicians, composers, choir directors and vocalists, together with the other 42 campers from all over the world, the team of Solway fellows had a chance to develop and publicly perform their own version of Wozzeck opera – the opera production performed for an adult audience during the festival. From the bottom of our hearts we hope that this experience will become a long-lasting tradition with more countries and more Solway fellows able to take part in the program in the years to come.

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