Solway’s vision is to be one of the leaders in the field of complex turnaround projects for metal and mining.


Solway’s mission is to grow to become one of the top five global nickel producers, contributing to positive change in the regions where we operate. We will achieve this by creatively managing assets, thereby adding value for both shareholders and the communities we serve.


Sustainability and CSR

In a cyclical industry it is critical to maintain stable and sustainable development, growth and shareholder value.


At Solway, our passionate, professional team stays true to the company philosophy: By pursuing excellence and working together, we can drive value and bring opportunities to the community, thus inspiring both parties to grow and succeed.


Solway’s reliability, history of success, and scale inspire confidence in our ongoing performance and future prospects.

Calculated Risk

Investment always involves a degree of risk and a host of challenges. Solway promotes unconventional thinking as a way to realize solutions. Our culture of tireless innovation and our passion for professionalism contribute to new ways of working, both in the development of processes and product. The result is that Solway is able to deliver long-term value.


Innovation is our watchword. We thrive on complex challenges. No challenge is too complex, no detail too small. We apply ingenuity and profound expertise to developing world-class solutions. Professionalism and passion drive the company, promoting a culture that responds positively to situations that require particular management skills and technological expertise.